The Base Boom

What’s a band without a booming thud rounding out the music from an electric bass? I hate to paint the role of the bass player in such aggressive, unsophisticated colors because the bass player and the bass guitar are every bit as skilled and sophisticated as any other musician or instrument in the band. It’s just that one usually visualizes a bass player as something of a quiet giant, the Sasquatch of the group. The electric bass is also something of a unique and cumbersome looking instrument with its wide body and long neck. The bass rocks the low end and along with the drummer, it drives the rhythm and the beat of the music. The bass player sustains the sound and these are the instruments they use to do it. Read more »

Ticklin’ The Electronic Ivory

Well, you probably won’t find many electric pianos or keyboards that have ivory keys, but you’ll have no trouble finding one that sounds like it does. The modern electric keyboards are so full of music and sound that you would be hard pressed to think of any noise, much less musical sound, that they can’t replicate in melodic fashion. Today’s electric keyboards are so “connected” that most contain USB ports and software that allow you to record any sound you want on a remote drive to be used at your discretion in your music. Now understand that the keyboard is not entirely about electronic reproduction of sound with musical prowess taking a backseat. You have to be a player to use one of these instruments properly. However, those keyboard players with some mainstream computer savvy can combine both skills in producing some incredible music while at the same time also covering a lot of bases in their band by playing several different sections of music and incorporating strings and horns where none would otherwise exist.  Read more »

Pertinent Information Only on Music Resumes

For a young person who might be entering the professional work force for the first time, it's important to make sure that anything related to that person's education is included in the resume. This means that working with the professional resume writing will include listing just about every type of employment a person might have had. For an older worker who might have been in the work force for a decade or longer, the best way to design a resume would be through the inclusion of only the most pertinent items for the resume that might be appropriate for a specific job.

Going Big with a Celebration

Sometimes there is a party or celebration that just needs a huge entrance and this is definitely going to be the time to introduce a giant vehicle into the mix such as a few limousines with Vegas Club Limos for everyone in the party to ride in. Most of the time there is going to be a fairly significant type of celebration associated with such huge vehicle rentals, but obtaining such flashy cars for an event can truly mean the difference between offering the partygoers something absolutely memorable and offering them a celebration that is just like any other.

Getting a Theme through Photographs

The photographs that come from a bar mitzvah are often going to showcase a very important occasion, but the pictures will likely also show a lot of fun and excitement during the party. When conferring with the Encinitas bar mitzvah photographer, it's always a good idea to see about whether a special theme might be possible through the photographs. For example, if the child is going for a hair band theme where everything looks like it's from a rock concert in the 1980s, having the photographs reflect that style is a terrific way to memorialize the party and events surrounding the day.

Electrified Tones

If there is one iconic symbol of the entire rock era, which I am happy to report is still cranking forward with the volume switch stuck at 10, it is unquestionably the electric guitar. No other symbol of this musical genre conveys the raw energy, power, and delinquency associated with rock and roll like the image of the electric guitar in the hands of a misfit rock star. However, this was not always the case as the earliest versions of an electrified guitar appeared in the hands of relatively soft-spoken, yet incredibly skilled jazz musicians, and most often played as part of the rhythm section of the group. It wasn’t until jazz superstars like Charlie Christian and Freddy Green moved their chairs out front and turned up the volume on their melodic lead runs and chord melodies that the electrified acoustic guitar started to garner some attention. As much as these jazz superstars did to bring the electric guitar to the forefront, it wan’t until those brash youngsters in the late 50′s started to crank it out and crank it up did the electric guitar become as recognizable to both devotees and detractors as Frank Sinatra and Frank Zappa.  Read more »

Keeping CPU Load Down

Although there are a lot of people who have started to use their tablet computers and advanced machinery with hefty mixing programs and additional sample packs, not everyone has access to that type of hardware. Reducing the impact and strain that compiling can create on a CPU takes some special arrangements. Compressing a group of sounds by processing them as a single element instead of separately can make it easier to use an older machine for the job. This method can also make it easier to figure out whether each individual element will fit in the whole.

Amp It Up!

Every good guitar, electric guitar that is, needs an amp worthy of the instrument that is cranking out the music. Guitar players have a lot of choices when it comes to finding the right amp for the sound you are trying to produce and the factors that influence the decision come down to much more than one amp versus another. Each amp maker produces many different models that differ in price, construction, size, electronics, speaker composition, and probably 100 other factors that will make one amp very different than another. We will go into a few of the basic differences and key questions to answer when you’re looking for an amp and then review a couple of amps that could make a for perfect mate for you and your ax.


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Bucket List Acoustic Guitars

Not all guitars are created equally and this is especially true when it comes to high-end acoustic guitars. These fine, handcrafted musical instruments are every bit as beautiful as they are exceptional and functional. The music literally sings out from their sound holes, reverberating through a room with a full range of tones that can only be created when the finest woods are coaxed into song by the skilled hand of  the guitar luthier.  The incredible workmanship, styling, and detail that goes into these instruments can be almost as inspiring as the melodic sounds they produce.  From mother-of-pearl and abalone inlays to rosettes that appear to be jeweled necklaces, these are indeed the stunning, pampered beauties of the guitar line. Read more »

Practice Isn't All There Is

Many people assume that practicing a lot with a golf club and a ball will eventually allow a player to become much better at the sport, but practice, a cart from, and some nice clubs aren't the only things a golfer needs to improve. One of the most important parts of performing well at the golf course is playing in a variety of conditions with various stresses like noise, weather, and an audience of friends. While practicing on a green, it's important remain aware of your surroundings so that you'll have a better chance of directing the ball where it needs to go.